About Us

Collectively ‘the Cousins’ – Tony, Connie and Rusty – in order of height though not necessarily importance, that would be the reverse order. We have a very comprehensive family tree site, that link and some of our favorites are on the left of this page.

Connie was with JC Penney for a long time mainly in HR and training in the corporate office in Dallas. After Penney’s she managed a high-end furniture store – Gabbert’s – again in Dallas until they decided to close the store. After that she was a regional manager for two patio furniture stores, now retired (early).

Rusty is our rescue dog, owning us since  November 2011. He’s 19-20 pound bundle of Rusty in his rain gearbone and muscle with links back to the Siberian huskies. Well, the way he takes us for multiple drags each day he must have some Husky blood in him somewhere. He hates the rain, and I can’t say we blame him – we’d rather have sun too. We bought him a cute yellow slicker – he doesn’t think it’s cute.

Tony worked in IT since 1977, in England, Oman and Holland – for Hewlett-Packard and Shell International and finally in Dallas for Optek Technology and TT electronics in 1998 retiring finally in June 2015.

We love travel and have visited England every year since 2001 with occasional side trips to Holland. Belgium, France and Ireland. We visit the English side of the family and so far have organized four reunions of the Taylor clan, a fifth one is scheduled for our next trip. Connie’s family are all in North Texas so not too much travel involved there. IMG_0165The love of travel and exploring led us to buying a used RV (‘Arvey – well what else do you call an RV) in October 2012 and we’ve made a handful of trips since then, normally a week-long stay on an RV resort somewhere – check out the ‘Arvey trips category. Wait until we get to the Rand McNally GPS – nicknamed Randi.

We believed we could travel full-time in an RV, not necessarily ‘Arvey, so we started looking at one with a bath and a half and a king bed and more space. In 2013 we took an extended trip – about 7 weeks – in ‘Arvey with Rusty and Randi up the East Cost to Williamsburg, round to Gettysburg and back to Dallas through Kentucky and Arkansas – about 3000 mile round trip.

The trip was a success and we decided in late August 2014 that we can travel fulltime, as long as we had a new RV with a full and half bath – the Fleetwood Bounder 36E is perfect. We bought Arvey Junior on September 10, 2014. Our house was sold by October 30th and the estate sale emptied the house by October 24th, apart from some items we just couldn’t part with we put into storage. Phew !!!

We spent the first winter show birding in Aransas Pass near Corpus Christi, then set off west (go west they said) – that trip is covered in many of the posts on the site so I won’t go into anymore detail here.